10 Reasons to go Green

Canadians are more and more concerned about environmental issues such as the quality of the air they breath and increasing emissions of greenhouse gases. Harmful air emissions are serious and affect our health, our environment, our economy and our quality of life.

Below are 10 good reasons to consider building or renovating green.

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Lower operation costs
Green buildings cost less to operate and thus can pay for themselves up to ten times over. Benefits include reduced energy, water, waste, maintenance and operations costs.

Initial cost
The initial cost of building is not necessarily more expensive. One factor that reduces the cost is the reuse or recycling of construction waste after being prepared properly. This simple reduction can save lots of money at a construction site.

Retail sales
Green buildings are 40% easier to sell. Buyers find green buildings very desirable. Consumers are also willing to pay more for green homes.
Existing buildings that go green and improve their systems usually pay for themselves in just a few years. Buildings that are built and designed green can pay for themselves up to ten times over in their lifecycle.
Intelligent design can do wonders. For example, downsize bulky equipment and make more floor space available. Also, tenants are willing to pay more for a green image and a choice that benefits their health and the health of the planet.
Tenants are seeking living and working spaces that are less environmentally damaging, cheaper to maintain and operate and less harmful to human health.

Tenants directly benefit from green buildings, lower energy bills, and lower water bills. A cleaner and healthier environment.
Occupants and happier and more comfortable. They enjoy excellent in-door conditions such as indoor air quality, thermal conditions abundant natural light. Green buildings also eliminate materials that "off-gas" harmful chemicals that can be present for many years in traditional buildings.
Productivity alone is a powerful incentive to go green. Workers will be more productive in pleasing surroundings: improved morale and quality of their work and reduce mistakes. Absenteeism can drop by 15% to 25% and sick leave is also significantly reduced.

Simply put, we like to be in a space designed with humans in mind. Many studies show worker productivity in eco-friendly buildings increased between 6% and 16% or more. Since salaries are a major expense, green buildings can make business more profitable and shorten its payback period.

Green buildings also protect from "Sick Building Syndrome": syndrome mainly in office buildings due to poor ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems and absence or limited natural sunlight. The insurance industry is becoming more aware of lawsuits associated with building sickness and other indoor air quality issues. Some experts even predict green buildings will be advantaged and will benefit from lower insurance costs.
Better design and longer life-cycle.
A green building is an excellent corporate image that's marketable. The media interest and publicity reduces cost for promotional advertising and improves the public profile of tenants and business owner.
Canadians support actions to limit climate changes. 73% put environmental protection ahead of economic progress.
The green market value and growth is significant. The primary factors are raising energy costs, superior building performance and client demand.