What is Green?

Green buildings mean learning to build with nature.

This can be done by going 100% green using the LEED system, or can be done by making small changes to traditional engrineering.

Did you know? Green technologies can be tailored to your needs and fit within your budget.

Green buildings are structures that use the latest technologies to maximize performance, lower operating costs and cut high energy bills while staying eco-friendly. The design and construction of these buildings are socially and environmentally responsible as well as purposed to enhance the quality of life of the building's occupants.

Investing in the green future is not only time and effort well spent, but it is becoming necessary for the survival of our common environment and for anyone that wishes to stay competitive in the business world.Green businesses also shield themselves from risks such as inflation in energy prices and increased insurance rates for companies that don`t consider their carbon footprint.

Green buildings require a fundamental change in mindset. It means taking into account not only financial outcomes but the health of our planet and our social responsibility

"Industry can also do its part by adopting pollution prevention measures, pollution control technology, improving energy efficiency, switching to renewable sources, and using cleaner fuels. Many companies are improving their green image to attract a growing number of environmentally conscious customers." - Environment Canada http://www.ec.gc.ca